2016 - ongoing

Static images transforming into moving memories. What is truth and what is its reflection? 

"Ghosts" is a project about forgetting and rebuilding memories, about the fine line between what is real and what is not. Does the photo allow us to recreate a credible picture of reality, or is it always a vision - a product of our subconsciousness or imagination?

Following the issues discussed by Theresa Moerman:
"Photography and memory are the closest things we have to a concise depiction of past events. For decades they have been contested as truthful representations of reality. Yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, we still rely on what we see and what we remember. Are domestic photographs reliable representations of our personal history? Or do they in fact merely appeal to our sense of nostalgia and help us create false memories?".

Due to memory problems that caught up with me many years ago as a side effect of traumatic events, I began to document everything that has happened in my life ever since. This led me to the question of what is the difference between documentary photography and the act of preserving memories, and whether it is different at all. 
How reliable are the memories reproduced from the photographic record? Can the photographs act as a memory card, our personal diary or will they always be some kind of an enhanced, creative depiction of how we perceive ourselves and the world around us?
Who are we really if our world is built on false ideas about what we have lived?

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